Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers on Kabeljauws Beach


Q: Are there any restrictions on the development of the land?    

 As per Town Planning  and Rezoning approval, The ROD, Site Development Plan and HOA Constitution and regulations

  • 8.5m building height
  • 2 story buildings
  • Coverage and floor factors for each site available
  • Buildings to compliment the contemporary beach architecture style. All architecture and designs by the Kabeljauws Beach Architects

Q: What does Phase 1 consist of?

  • Completed infrastructure
  • Boardwalk to beachfront (Access) completed
  • Security control (Gatehouse) completed
  • Perimeter Security completed

Q: What is the Architectural theme?

Contemporary beach style architecture      

Q: When will the swimming pool be completed?

A swimming pool will be built as a natural recreation area for residents as soon as enough residents reside permanently on premises to make use of the pool

Q: What are the main advantages of buying a property in the Kabeljauws Beach Estate?

  • Location, location, location! It is one of the few security developments in South Africa that is located so close to the beach where you can walk 100 -200 meters from your front door along the boardwalk to the beach. The development is designed in such a way that it will promote a sense of community, completely different from what you will find in town in isolated “estates”. A true walkable, energy efficient contemporary community
  • Excellent security…electric fences, controlled gated access, perimeter cameras
  • Fibre optic cable to be provided to each house
  • Excellent Design Guidelines for all houses

Q: What is the purpose of the Revetment Area?

We are proud to say that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate for the Kabeljauws Beach development has been approved. Provisions in place and already installed for this development includes the installment of protective, buried gabions or revetments on the beach side. The purpose of a gabion revetment is to provide erosion protection from severe weather and high tides, storm surges. This is one of the first developments in SA where this type of coastal protection has been built in before the commencement of the civil works and houses.

The purpose of a gabion revetment is to provide protection from severe weather and high tides. A gabion is a natural stone packed wire mesh basket (1m x 1m). The mesh being PVC coated, galvanised steel suitable for marine environments. Two gabions have been stacked upon each other on a reno mattress. A reno mattress is like a gabion – a natural stone packed PVC coated galvanized steel basket, but it is a long, thin, rectangular shape (0.3m x 5m)…almost like a double mattress but made out of wire baskets and filled with stone  

In combination, this structure forms the coastal revetment at Kabeljauws beach and is located in the 10m coastal buffer, the green space along the beachfront.  This structure in combination with dune vegetation will provide protection from possible severe weather and high tides which could occur in this prime beachfront location.

Q: What provision has been made for Wi-Fi?

All units have fibre connections which allow for easy connection to Wi-Fi in the future. (Optic fibre ducted to each home)

Q: Will the Estate have a communal satellite dish?

Each unit will have its own satellite dish

Q: Will the public toilet building be relocated?

The public toilets will be moved from their current position on the seafront boundary of the site (directly in front of erf 1). A new public ablution will be constructed in a contemporary beach style architecture that will complement the architecture of the Kabeljauws Beach development.  The new facility will comply with standards for public ablutions to satisfy Blue Flag Accreditation. The building will be relocated once official approvals have been granted; there are two prospective positions. The first being the northeastern corner of the Kabeljauws Road Parking area. The second potential position is on erf 1 within the 3m building line.

Q: Can an owner provide Air B&B, or similar accommodation on the property?