Not close to the beach.
Or a minute from the beach.
On the beach.

At Kabeljauws Beach estate, situated between the edge of Jeffreys Bay and the
Kabeljous river mouth, you are living within luxury, without bounds and in harmony
with the rise and fall of the ocean, right on your doorstep.

You wake up every morning to the sound of the waves and the seagulls. You spend
your days in the sun, being active on the sand, living it up on the edge of the

This is your life on the beach.
Go live it.


You are part of an exclusive community, comprising of only 43 deluxe apartments, penthouses, freestanding homes and rowhouses, set within a mixed-use estate featuring a beach café, pool terrace and direct access to the beach via a boardwalk.

You are surrounded by coastal contemporary architecture, designed and brought to life by award winning CMAI Architects, whose groundbreaking work in preserving the ecosystem at Thesen Islands in Knysna garnered worldwide acclaim.

The style is modern, yet classic. The lifestyle based around traditional living principles, updated for a new generation. It is leisure mixed with technology. It is lazy days on the beach, followed by sundowners with friends at the café.

It’s a reflection of what you hold dear – family, friends and good living.


Design should be functional. It should be aesthetically pleasing. It should inform, inspire, and when appropriate – be invisible.

At Kabeljauws Beach we’ve taken design up a notch. We’ve incorporated it into the view itself. Apart from every home and every courtyard being shielded from the Jeffreys Bay wind, being this close to the beach doesn’t come without risk of the rising ocean.

Which is why Kabeljauws is the first of its kind in South Africa. A beachfront estate that combats global warming through an invisible layer of protection, buried deep in the sand in front of the development – a gabion revetment protecting against severe weather conditions.

It is your safeguard for at least a hundred years.

A testament to science. A design for the ages.


Investing in the beach lifestyle comes with state-of-the-art security.

The 24 000 m² of private property is protected 24/7 through such stringent control measures such as thermal and motion capture cameras, a perimeter wall with electric fencing, a patrolling guard, a biometric system as well as a gatehouse controlling all access in and out of the estate.


As an investor, you are looking for returns. You want the guarantee of short-term rental and long-term profits. Your investment should pay for itself, and then make you money.

At Kabeljauws Beach, the rental opportunities itself is worth the price of admission. It is a lifestyle easy to sell, exclusive through limited numbers and positioned perfectly to turn every day into a holiday.

The opportunities are many, the quality secure and the lifestyle always in demand. Now, five years from now or twenty-five – Kabeljauws Beach is an investment made for life.


To find out more, secure you place or arrange for a private viewing, please
contact Lieb Du Raan on 072 658 0877 or Wilna Du Raan on 082 951 4553

Feel free to send them a WhatsApp.

Alternatively you can email them at or